Squirrel Removal

District Wildlife Solutions provides squirrel trapping and removal. We know everything about the squirrels of Maryland, and specialize in the safe, humane, and effective removal and prevention of squirrels from home and property. Squirrels require special trapping considerations, and we have the correct traps, tools, and experience to properly address the unique characteristics of squirrels. Call us now at 202-997-3410 for Washington DC area squirrel removal.

How to Get Squirrels Out of Your Attic

You may think that squirrels are adorable or you may think that they are nothing more than rats with fluffy tails. No matter the case, one thing is certain – when in your attic, squirrels are a pest. These intelligent rodents love the safety and comfort of your attic. If they get the chance, they will nest and raise their young there year after year. Having squirrels in the attic is unsafe for you and your house mainly because of sanitary issues, but they also increase the risk of fire hazard. Squirrels create tiny tunnels in your attic, stamp down insulation, and chew on electrical wires and wood beams. On top of that, if not removed, they eventually fill your attic with nesting material and excrements. So, what is a humane way to get rid of these unwanted rent-free tenants? First of all – and I can’t stress this enough – squirrel repellents aren’t the way. They simply do not work. And no, neither do different devices that are marketed for this purpose. Poison almost never works. There’s two reasons or that. One, registered squirrel rodenticides don’t exist. Two, squirrels don’t eat in the attic. The most effective way to deal with the squirrels in your attic is by removing them through one-way exclusion doors or through trapping.

By following the steps below, you can ensure humane and permanent squirrel removal from your attic:

• Inspection – First of all, you need to locate the point of entry. Squirrels may have more than one way to get into your attic, so don’t just check your roof vents. Yes, inspect the roof and the vents, but be sure to check the entire house exterior so that you don’t miss any access point and risk working for nothing. It’s also important to check the interior of the attic for possible damages.

• Removal – The best way to go about removing the squirrels from your attic is by mounting a repeater trap or a one-way exclusion door on the primary squirrel hole. If the squirrel has babies, which is more than likely, remove the babies from the nest by hand or wait until they’re old enough to get themselves trapped in the exclusion door or repeater trap. Baby squirrels are born in late winter or late summer, and it doesn’t take them more than six weeks to reach adult size.

• Repair – It is extremely important to repair the squirrel entry holes, and to do it professionally. Otherwise, you’ll have to repeat the first two steps in a couple of months. All points of access need to be completely shut.

• Clean – It’s always recommended that you decontaminate the attic once the squirrels are removed. You also want to repair any possible damages, and clean the animal feces and nesting debris.

As you can see, getting squirrels out of your attic is no walk in the park. It can be done humanely and efficiently, but patience and thoroughness are paramount. There’s no quick fix when it comes to squirrel removal. If you feel up to the challenge, follow the steps above and you’ll be fine, but if you’re not totally committed it’s best to hire an experienced professional.

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