Scratching In The Attic and Walls

Hearing scratching coming from your attic is a sure sign that you have a furry, uninvited guest in your home. However, it’s not just the attic where these sounds can be a concern. Scratching noises in walls are also a common indicator of wildlife presence. In addition to scratching, you may also hear chirping, bumps, scurrying, and other muffled sounds depending on what kind of critter has found its way into your attic or within your walls. Squirrels, raccoons, opossums, birds, and bats are some of the most common. No matter what kind of animal it is, you should always have them professionally removed by an expert.

The scratching noises in your home are more than just annoying. These noises are the first sign that you have a wildlife control issue, and you need to act quickly upon hearing them to prevent damage to your property. While small, these critters can cause a lot of issues by nesting, chewing on wood, wiring, piping, air ducts, and installation, and leaving behind urine and feces that will cause even more problems. In addition to damaging your property, animals can also spread disease and parasites that threaten the health and safety of you and your family.

When you hear noises like scratching in the attic and suspect an uninvited guest to be the culprit, contact District Wildlife Solutions immediately. Our experts will determine what type of critter has made itself at home in your attic or is causing scratching noises in your walls, after conducting a thorough inspection and then develop and implement a plan for removing them safely and humanely. We can provide same-day and next-day services, so you have peace of mind that your wildlife issue is being taken care of as soon as possible.

In addition to effective and efficient wildlife removal services, we also offer animal damage repair and animal proofing services. You can trust us to repair any and all damage an animal may have caused and ensure your home is protected from would-be intruders so you can avoid future animal control issues caused by scratching in the attic or scratching noises in the wall. Contact us today for solutions to all of your wildlife removal needs!

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