Dead Animal Removal Services


Have you noticed a smell in your Washington D.C. or Maryland home? Have there been more flies and gnats around than usual? District Wildlife Solutions specializes in the safe, effective removal of dead animals, including dead animal removal from hard-to-reach places. We have all the experience and tools needed to remove deceased rats, squirrels, raccoons, and other creatures from your property. If you’re not sure where the animal is, our dead animal pick up and removal services also include helping you identify its location. Attics, crawl spaces, wall vents, and basements are the most common places to find dead animals. Our team is skilled at handling these situations with care and discretion, ensuring that your residence is restored to a clean and safe environment.

Animal Damage Repair

District Wildlife Services can also repair minor damage caused by home-invading creatures and protect your home against future incidents. One of the best ways to prevent critter trouble is to stop them from accessing your house in the first place. District Wildlife Solutions can assess your property and identify potential access points that animals could use to get inside your house or other buildings, such as sheds, garages, and guest homes. Once these access points have been identified, we can secure your home. We’ll strengthen existing infrastructure or board up gaps and holes to protect your property against any unwanted visitors. Our dead animal removal services ensure that even after the animal is gone, your home remains secure and damage-free.

District Wildlife Solutions’ Quality Guarantee

Here at District Wildlife Solutions, we aim to help you feel comfortable in your Washington D.C. or Maryland home again. That is why we employ the safest, most effective approaches to dead animal pick up from your home. We can remove the source of the smell, repair any damage the animal caused, and stop future creatures from invading your home. Call or email our team of experts today for more information on our dead animal removal and repair services.

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