Humane Animal Trapping in Bethesda, MD

District Wildlife Solutions is an experienced, family-owned wildlife removal company servicing residential properties in Bethesda, MD. We specialize in humane trapping and removing small critters like squirrels, raccoons, opossums, groundhogs, foxes, flying squirrels, and bats from your home and repairing any damage they may have caused. This helps prevent more unwanted intruders like these in the future. We also provide extensive animal-proofing services to keep your home protected.

We take great pride in the quality of all our services and are committed to helping our customers feel safe and secure in their homes again. No matter your needs or the extent of the damage, we can guarantee your satisfaction. It can be very stressful knowing an animal has made its way inside your home, which is why we offer same-day and next-day appointments to give you peace of mind that your animal problems will be taken care of by an expert quickly.

If you suspect an animal has found a way inside your home, it’s important to call us immediately. While they are small, these critters can cause some significant – and expensive – property damage if not taken care of quickly. In many cases, they will chew on electrical wires, gnaw on wood, destroy insulation, and leave behind urine and feces that will threaten the structural integrity of your home, not to mention the smell. Animals can also threaten your health by spreading diseases and parasites they carry. We’re equipped with the experience, expertise, and tools to remove a variety of animals humanely and then repair whatever damage they may have caused. You can trust that our team of wildlife removal and repair technicians will be effective and efficient so you can get back to enjoying your home.

Dealing with animal intruders isn’t something any homeowner wants to deal with, but it’s something you may experience. If you do, you can trust District Wildlife Solutions to humanely trap and remove these unwanted guests, repair damage, and seal up potential entrances with durable materials to prevent re-entry.

Call us day or night.