Animal Proofing in Washington D.C.

Your home can seem like a very appealing place for a variety of wild animals in search of food and shelter. These critters will surprise you with their determination, and they are equipped with claws, teeth, and will use many clever ways to find their way into your home if they want to.

Having issues with wildlife isn’t something any homeowner wants to deal with, but it’s something you should be prepared for by animal proofing your home. Wildlife exclusion is the process where we secure the home against wildlife entry. Typically, it involves sealing up potential entrances in the form of small gaps, cracks, and holes on your home’s exterior with durable materials. It can even involve bigger repairs like replacing and screening gable vents and installing chimney caps and attic fans.

Why Animal Proofing Is Important

Small wildlife like squirrels, raccoons, opossums, bats, and groundhogs can cause a significant amount of property damage. They will often destroy insulation, chew on electrical wires, and leave behind feces and urine that will degrade the integrity of the structural wood in your home and make it smell unpleasant.

Protecting your home against these uninvited guests is important to not only prevent property damage, but also maintain your health and safety. Wildlife can spread disease and parasites through their urine, feces, saliva, and skin cells, putting the health of you and your family at risk.

Animal proofing your home gives you confidence that animals won’t be able to gain access to your property and cause any of these problems. This helps you avoid future removal and repair expenses and gives you more peace of mind that you and your family are protected.

Our Animal Proofing Services

District Wildlife Solutions has comprehensive, humane, and environmentally friendly wildlife exclusion services to keep your home and your family protected. Our experts make both ground-level and roofline repairs, and we will help you determine the types of wildlife in your area that pose the biggest risk in order to create the appropriate wildlife exclusion solutions to deny entry. We know how important it is to protect your home and your family, so our animal proofing services are always professional and caring.

When you work with us, your animal problems will be taken care of effectively and efficiently. Contact us today, and let us give you peace of mind that you are protected from wildlife in your home!

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