What Are The Laws Around Killing Maryland Snakes?

There are few species that cause such a natural shiver in many people as snakes, and while bites and attacks by snakes on people are few and far between, the fear of many people is considered by some animal experts to be disproportionate. There are some snakes that can be more of a threat than others to people, but it is easy to overlook the useful work of dealing with rodents and other pest animals that some snakes carry out in their habitat. However, some people will want to kill these animals, but there are regulations around this in many cases.

The Dangers And Risks Of Dealing With Snakes
It is important to note that dealing with snakes can have risks, and in areas where there are venomous snake species present, it is worth being especially cautious. If you are at all worried that the snakes that you have spotted on or near your property could be venomous, it is generally best to get a professional to remove the snake unless you are confident it is a non-venomous species.

Is It Legal To Kill A Snake Causing A Nuisance?
One thing that many people will not be aware of when it comes to dealing with snakes is that they do have protection in many states across the country, and this can make it illegal to kill snakes in these states. Georgia and Arkansas are among those that have outlawed the killing of any snakes, even if they are on private property, while other states prevent the killing of particular species, and others only allow the killing of snakes if they pose an ‘immediate danger or threat’. Always check local laws before taking any action against snakes.

Different Methods Of Killing Snakes

• Decapitation – Although it is not a pleasant thing to do, this is actually quite often used by people who are not used to dealing with snakes, with a shovel or similar tool being completely the wrong approach to killing a snake. While killing the snake with decapitation would give a minimum amount of pain to the animal, it often isn’t clean and can lead to other problems.
• Freezing – There are several testaments online that would suggest that freezing is a more humane option of killing a snake, but in truth it still has the risk of trying to get a snake into a container to be placed in a freezer. Also, scientific studies have cast doubt over how humane this approach actually is.
• Shooting – A clean shot to the head of a snake could be an efficient way of killing a snake, but it is a very difficult task to achieve. There are also regulations that can restrict the use of firearms in many urban and suburban areas, making this an impractical option for many.
• Lethal Traps – There are very few commercially produced lethal traps available, but there are designs for lethal traps that you can find online. Generally, these should be avoided, as they will not have been tested and cannot guarantee a clean kill for the snake.

Alternative Methods Of Dealing With A Snake Problem
The important thing to remember if you are dealing with a snake problem is that you don’t have to kill the animals, and it is actually easier in some ways to trap and relocate the snake that is present near your property. The most common approach here is to use an adhesive trap, which will allow you to catch the snake, and then release it using vegetable oil in a location that is well away from your property, with minimal risk from the snake itself.

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